Rogoff's value to me related to his overall business acumen; he was an excellent sounding board. To his credit he told me what he believed, not just what I wanted to hear.

—CEO of software company

[Evan] walks on water.

—CEO of software company


Hands-On Role

We are not consultants that present advice in fancy reports and then walk away, ignoring the importance of execution. We are involved the same way that the executive team is. We are a hands-on part of the team, on-site at the office to help execute the business plan day-in, day-out.



Select Clients

Our clients are small technology companies in metro Atlanta, GA anticipating periods of significant growth. Our clients recognize the need for senior-level financial management, but are not ready (or don't want to commit) to hire a full time, senior finance professional.

Some of the companies we've recently worked with include the following:


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