[Evan got] more done working part time than previous people got done working full time.

—Vice President of technology-enabled services company

You were crucial in helping grow our business.

—Investor in e-commerce company


Why Part Time?


Early stage technology companies are concerned primarily with improving their product and gaining customer traction. This is where their capital and personnel are focused. Finance, accounting and corporate governance are not what keeps these executives up at night.

While early stage companies need financial expertise, they often don't need a full time chief financial officer in their office 40 hours a week. Nor can they afford the large compensation (cash and equity) that a senior level professional commands.

Our philosophy is to give these early stage technology companies the senior level financial guidance they need without requiring them to commit to the compensation demands of a full time senior level chief financial officer.

We are the chief financial officer these companies need, in their office each week part time. Our clients get the expertise of a full time chief financial officer, but only pay for a part time person.

Our goal is to help companies grow to where they need a full time chief financial officer, at which point we transition out to the new team member. On the other hand, many of the companies we've worked with have achieved a successful exit with our help without ever needing a full time person.



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