You helped by turning us into a real company instead of just a start-up running trying to get its act together.

—Vice President of technology-enabled services company

We wouldn't have made our way to [acquisition] without your assistance.

—CEO & founder of software company


Rogoff Financial Services works with early stage, high-growth technology companies in metro Atlanta as part-time chief financial officer.

Early stage companies face growing pains as they progress from start-up to growth stage to exit. We help technology industry CEO's raise capital, scale their businesses and achieve successful exits.

We're involved in all aspects of finance, human resources, corporate strategy and corporate governance. We build appropriate levels of discipline, control and infrastructure to support rapid growth, leveraging your staff and resources in a cost-effective manner.

Our efficiency comes from focus—nearly a decade of working exclusively with early stage technology companies. We know the priorities (and we know what's not so important) for early stage technology companies.

We've been a trusted and valued part of the team of nearly two dozen early stage technology companies. Contact us today.



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